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Calling all online stores! Do you have a fulfillment center?

Autobag AB 255 OneStep

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So you’ve purchased the best packaging machine for your product, and the finest line of materials you could find. You have a seamless production line in place and your final product looks stunning.

You even revamped your website to include a new ecommerce wing where customers can easily purchase your product online and have it shipped to their homes.

But there’s one problem. Your current production line isn’t outfitted to handle online fulfillment. In fact, you’ve noticed that your output has slowed down because you have to manually place each individual shipping label on each package. And you’ve seen an increase in wasted materials because your original equipment setup wasn’t designed for this new venture.

So what do you do?Mail bag

At Summit, we have a specific line of machines designed just for online fulfillment. From void-fill machines and materials to US Postal approved bags ready for shipping, we have both machines and materials to fulfill all of your customers online orders. We can even pull addresses from your PC or networked server to print a packaging slip directly on the bag, so there’s absolutely no room for human error.

Automated Autofulfillment SPrint

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Ask a Summit Representative about this exciting new addition to Summit’s services, and how we can make your customers’ buying experience the best there is.

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