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Small additions that can significantly cut down your production time

Autobag Accu-Count 200

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Infeed systems can boost your productivity tremendously without having to change or replace your existing packaging line. They’re a great addition for customers wanting to maximize production time and minimize costs.Infeeds such as weigh counting scales and automatic counters can help design a completely automatic bagging system.

The next step up from manually counting. When you need to package a certain number of items into one bag, or need an accurate account of how many items are being fed through your system, having an automated counter can make the difference by saving you time and increasing your accuracy.


Automated Autobag Linear Weigh Scale

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For those times when it doesn’t make sense to use even a semi-automated counter, our weigh counting scales are a great alternative. We have numerous weigh counters that can be as accurate as 1/10th of a gram.If you need one counter, two counters, or multiple counters to help package kits together, we have them as well. Please contact your local Summit Representative to find out which combination of counters and scales is right for your needs.

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