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Autobag AB 180 Bagger

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The pride and joy of Summit Packaging, these semi and fully automatic baggers are from the inventors of the original Autobag® bagging system of 50 years ago. You won’t get a better bagging machine than this.

From hand-loaded to semi-automatic to fully-automatic bagging equipment, we have a wide range of systems available for both low volume and high volume bagging needs.

To see the full breadth of our automatic baggers, please call to speak to a Summit Sales Professional about which bagging system is right for you.

Have you considered purchasing an imprinter with your bagging system ?

The right imprinter can completely eliminate the need for a separate label printing machine, saving you space as well as money by printing directly on the bag during the bagging process.

The right imprinter can also mark all of your bags with pertinent, dynamic information like freshness dates, use by dates, and bar codes.

Simply put, adding an imprinter can create a powerful print and pack system for your company.

We even have imprinters that can print on both sides of a bag at the same time.

Not only that, but our imprinters are specifically designed to feed perfectly into our semi-automatic and fully-automatic bagging systems.

We know the frustration of buying the perfect imprinter only to discover it doesn’t integrate into your current packaging system. So we make sure that our imprinters integrate seamlessly with Autobag® and SidePouch® baggers, as well as other poly bag packaging systems.

Ask us about which imprinter will fit with your operation by contacting us.

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