Void-Fill Cushioning

The packaging protection solution that covers your assets

Automated AirPouch FastWrap

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We all want to ensure that our packages arrive safely to their destination.

Broken goods are bad for business all around, but the old style solutions of packaging peanuts and Styrofoam are not only harmful to the environment, but can increase a company’s shipping costs due to added weight.

That’s why a void-fill cushioning system may be the right answer.
Think about it. Air weighs nothing. So you can’t be charged additional shipping costs for something that doesn’t add any weight, can you? But our puncture resistant air pillows can safely protect your items during transit.

Or, if you’re packaging more heavy or delicate items such a machine parts, appliances, or china sets, our kraft paper machines may be the answer for you. This particular void-fill equipment uses kraft paper to cushion, block and brace, or wrap your product for the utmost protection while shipping heavy or delicate items. It’s also very eco friendly.

Void-Fill Cushioning

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We also have a highly flexible, on-demand protective packaging system called FastWrap. It utilizes filled bubbles and tubes, like our air pillows, but its primary purpose is to cushion and protect your products instead of simply filling the void. A FastWrap machine is ideal for blocking and bracing applications while reducing material waste.

Ask us if either our air pillows, our kraft papers, or our FastWrap machines are right for your operation by contacting a Summit Representative today.

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