Autobag & Thermal Transfer Ribbon

The polybag designed to have a short lead time

At Summit, we only carry the highest quality bags-on-a-roll available in our industry, designed specifically to have the shortest lead times. And we make sure each bags-on-a-roll or bags in a box suit your production’s needs.

Autobag Bag and Pouch Materials

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Our bags are usually used for…

  • The Automotive and Aerospace market
  • Frozen and fresh foods
  • Hardware and Electronic packaging
  • Mail Order Fulfillment
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Pet Food and Snacks
  • Retail and Crafts
  • And, of course, for Void Fill Air Pillows

We have a wide variety of types of films for your bags based on your product’s specific needs. Different bag materials are used for their unique characteristics. So if you need a bag that can be easily printed on, is strong, has great barrier properties, is see through or opaque, is puncture resistant, OR some other industry specific quality, we have a custom solution for you. (Please check out our extensive list of bag films that we have available.)

So ask us about our bags-on-a-roll, or our bags in a box. We also have eco friendly solutions such as biodegradable bags as well as high quality recycled bags available for cost effective, eco friendly initiatives.

Is that freshness date legible? Choosing a thermal transfer ribbon

 AutoLabel™ Ultra-V Thermal Transfer Ribbon

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You’ve picked out the bag that will represent and protect your product, but have you given much thought on the type of ink you’ll be using to print on the bag as well?

Choosing a thermal transfer ribbon should be given the same kind of care as choosing your Autobag®. Not only do you don’t want the ink to rub off, but you want to make sure that important information such as freshness dates, use by dates, and bar codes are easily legible and always accurate.

We have a wide range of thermal transfer ribbons and print solutions available, from resin enhanced wax ribbons that are highly durable and scratch resistant, to full wax ribbons for general purpose printing.

Please contact your local Summit Representative to learn which thermal transfer ribbon is right for your needs.

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