Stand-up Pouches

Want greater shelf visibility? Look no further than stand-up pouches.


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What if, with a simple change of packaging, you could optimize your products’ visibility on the crowded shelves of retail stores everywhere?

Or catch people’s attention at vendor fairs and trade shows with the way your product stands upright, displaying a large amount of packaging real estate to deliver your product’s message to your ideal customers?

Or maybe you’re just tired of cramming all of your product descriptions and sales copy to fit on a very small area of space.

Stand-up pouches are a great solution to upping your brand’s visibility as well as sticking out from your competition. Not only are they great for marketing, but they weigh less than cans and more traditional packaging options, therefore lowering your shipping costs.

If you want to learn more about stand-up pouches and how they can take your product to the next level, please contact a Summit Representative now. From resealable pouches you commonly see used for coffee bags, to pour spouts and pet treat pouches, Summit has a wide range of stand-up pouches to meet your product’s needs.

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