Vacuum Packaging (Pouches & Rollstock)

When a strong vacuum pouch is what really matters

Winpak Vacuum Pouches

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Oxidation is a food’s worst nightmare. It shortens the life span of the product, as well as leaves it susceptible to harmful bacteria and dehydration. A vacuum pouch that doesn’t properly seal out oxygen is a vacuum pouch that doesn’t do its job.

At Summit, we only carry the most high quality bags and rollstock for vacuum packaging. Whether you need a two-ply lamination to preserve your meat and cheeses, or you need to protect your frozen goods, we make sure our materials are designed specifically to your product’s unique needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all here. We custom tailor our vacuum pouches and rollstock so your product stays fresh and secure every time.

Contact a Summit Representative and ask us about our pouches and rollstock. We have various sizes, as well as custom blended solutions available for your products. And if you feel you have something a little different on your hands, and aren’t sure how to tackle it, please feel free to just give us a call and inquire about our other vacuum packaging products. We’re certain to find something that’s right for you.

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