Void Fill Cushioning

Are packaging peanuts just not cutting it?

AirPouch® EarthAware™ Recycled & Biodegradable Air Pillows

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At Summit, we try to bring together the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to our customers. And there is nothing less eco friendly than Styrofoam cushioning and packaging peanuts.

If you’re looking to make your product line more eco friendly, or simply want to explore different options, we have a wide array of void-fill material that can fill a loose box, cushion delicate cargo, brace heavy items, or completely wrap up your product before shipping.

Ask us about our air pouches, which are great for void-fill while cutting down on your shipping costs. Or our various kraft paper options, if you’re tired of using Styrofoam cases.


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Summit also provides specifically eco friendly materials. Our void-fill cushioning is made out of high quality recycled materials.

So please contact us and ask us about which void-fill material is perfect for your operation.

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